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Hello everyone!  I am Brooke to those of you who don't know me, or that freak of nature by certain enraged people who do.  Yohohoho!  I'm sorry if I scared anyone before seeing as how my complexion is so horribly pale and  I seem to have misplaced one or two vital organs, but it's alright, I'm okay.  Yohohoho!

So is it true that there are some sort of undead Akuma demon things that are trying to kill us all!?  It sounds positively horrifying!  And I would know horrifying, I've seen my reflection.  Yohohoho!  If there's any way I can help, I would be happy to do so, I am a man of many talents, although some might argue if I'm a man or not anymore.  Yohoho... ohhh.

In the meantime ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages, I Brooke the Bard shall be trying to create a new musical group!  That's right!  Feel like your musical talents are going to waste?  Play anything from xylophone to bass?  Then look no further!  I shall attempt to accommodate your sorely missing musical needs with delightful melodies to play or to sing!  I am in the works of working out with the Black Order a musical store!

Lastly if anyone sees any members of the Straw Hat pirates that have a Jolly Roger like so.

Would you kindly inform me about it?  Thank you kindly.  Yohohoho!
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My fellow members of the Straw-hat pirates, I should inform you that I picked up a drifter the other day named Riza Hawkeye.  She's a very nice lady, but seemed quite content with keeping me at pistol point the entire way to the ship.  It's not my fault that I pointed out that she was wearing a white shirt and it was pouring!  Yohohoho!  Anyhow, I was hoping she could stay with us for a little while.  Did I mention she's very cute?  Yohohoho! Oh!  And did I mention I found a buyer for my Crystal Soul shard with the souls of a 100 gold fish?  ... well not really buyer, since she's paying me in a cup of tea together.  Yohohoho!

On a separate note, happy late birthday Rinali!  I was going to give this to you, on your birthday, but it was being quite stubborn.  So here it is ladies and gentleman!  A boot for Shadow, and a boot for Light!

Oh and I think I have the Lyrics here too,

Lyrics... )
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So lately I've been getting this gut feeling something big in the world is just waiting to happen that will change the world as we know it altogether. Naturally once this even occurs every single bard under the son and his brother will want to make a song as an ode to it. But I, Brooke the bard shall beat them to the punch! Or in this case the song. Yohohoho!

So ladies and gentlmen, boys and girls, for your entertainment I present to you,

Download Link

Lyrics )
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Chistmas has always been one of the most magical times of year for me.  That's why I make it a tradition every year to write a Christmas song to celebrate it.  Seeing as how this is one of my first Christmases with the Straw-hats, I thought I would write a song to wish each and every one of them a Merry Christmas.  Now given how long it would take on a journal to write a verse about every single straw hat and then repeat the chorus over and over, I've just decided to divide the song up by Chours, Verses, and Finale.  The finale replaces the Chorus after the final verse.  So without further ado, The Straw-hat Christmas song.
(Chorus) )

(Verses) )

Finale )

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It's time for another song! Yohohoho! Miranda, this one is for you.

Lyrics )

Also one final announcement everyone. I, Brooke the bard, shall no longer be taking requests. This may change in days to come, but I find that after working on this song I find I can no longer work this way, and must let my inspiration come to me naturally. You may still ask, but do not expect miracles my friends. That is all. Yohohoho!
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Lately I've been thinking that I haven't written enough love songs lately. Then I though, I haven't made enough hot rock and roll songs. Then it finally dawned on me, why not do both? So without further ado ladies and gentlemen, Where there is Smoke, there is a fire.

~Where there is smoke, there is a fire!
It’s some sort of unstoppable burning desire,
Because baby where there is smoke, there is a fire~

~You can't resist the lure of the flame,
And the flame really needs a smoke,
That you can't see this is a real shame,
but your passion keeps your burning love stoked~

~Where there is smoke, there is a fire!
It’s some sort of unstoppable burning desire,
Because baby where there is smoke, there is a fire~

~The flame starts to dance in a mesmerizing way,
And the smoke begins to follow through,
Why they’re so inseparable no one can say,
But I know one thing that’s certainly true~

~Where there is smoke, there is a
It’s some sort of unstoppable burning desire,
Because baby where there is smoke, there is a fire~

~The tendrils of smoke start to stroke your hair,
And the flames start to lick your face,
The only thing that makes you give a care,
Is that you can feel your burning heart race~

~Where there is smoke, there is a fire!
It’s some sort of unstoppable burning desire,
Because baby where there is smoke, there is a fire~

~The last thing you see is the flames going up,
But the smoke going higher still,
You feel like your body is about to erupt,
And you can’t feel a single
chiiiiiiill! ~

~Where there is smoke, there is a
It’s some sort of unstoppable burning desire,
Because baby where there is smoke, there is a fire~

Lastly, to Gokudera. Tune in for my next song, You make time stand still. I promise it shall be a song you'll remember to the end of your days. Yohohoho!
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As I sit here drinking my tea after visiting an island with my Straw Hat companions, I find that I have become incredibly bored. Naturally I could do the typical thing like chores around the ship, but I really had my heart set on doing my job as the Bard, and writing a new song for everyone to sing. Of course then I ran into the dreaded problem of all creative geniuses... writers block. Sitting there in front of that blank piece of paper for hours not able to think of where to start, what to start, or how to start it, I was slowly losing my mind. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightening. Why not write about how very bored I truly feel right now? So without further ado, I give you my one and only Boredom song.

Wasn't that fun everyone? Now that I've expressed my feelings about this in song (lyrics), let me ask you, what do you do when you have writers block and have become so very bored? And lastly, since I'm having so much trouble whipping my creative muse back into shape, I will now accept requests for songs! Comical, romantic, tragic, beautiful, scary, exciting, rock and roll, the works! The more requests I have the more songs I can think about producing!


Oct. 24th, 2009 06:03 am
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The concert was a fantastic success everyone, and I have great news!  I have been quite low on funds lately with buying a gold hook, some of it getting stolen, some of it getting taken for crew funds sooo... I am now releasing CDs worldwide!  Our fine musicians of course will receive a free copy by seagull mail delivery of course.  And here are the song listings for our fantastic CD!

For starters we have our ever popular song,
Welcome to the Grand Line!

Followed down the list by the following songs.

Kaku the Chibi Giraffe

Bullets made of Air



Sanji's Chicken

Road to Salvation

Like a Beginning Not an End

Princess Renge

Fire fist Ace

Luffy's Maniacs

Crocodile X Smoker: Crocodile Rock


Unicorns on Parade

Jyabura the Wolf

One Minute warm up

Candy Cigarettes

He's a Hitman

Goodbye for Now

And Last but not Least the ever popular and sung by all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates,


I would of course love to add any songs my fellow musicians had also played at the party, but I of course needed your permission before I released CDs with your songs on them.  I promise to share your share of the profits with you if you do in fact allow me to have your songs on there.  Yohohoho!  It was a blast everybody!  Thank you so much for attending!  So if you'd like to buy a CD at the low, low price of 1400 Beri contact me here and I'll send you a copy as soon as it's published!
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Everyone is invited to come to this party and just magically show up to hear the music that will be in store.

Party Rules and stuff )

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Everybody may I have your attention please!! This is a reminder that in but a mere week (October 10th) I Brooke the Bard shall be holding my musical extravaganza party and would like everyone to attend! A night of music, dancing, food, tea, and pleasant conversation awaits! It'll be a Straw Hat party the likes of which is rarely seen so don't miss out on this fantastic chance! So I would like a confirmation on all our lovely musicians who shall be joining us!

To my fellow Straw Hat pirates, I would like all of you to come on stage with me at the end of the show for a rousing Chorus of Bink's sake! We shall have lots of fun I assure you! By the way, what island do you think we should throw this party on anyways? It seems a little silly to just have it out at sea, less room that way.

So far our musicians who shall sing with me or play instruments on stage (willingly) include:
Touya Kinomoto
Cheshire Cat

By Midnight on Thursday I shall no longer be accepting new participants on stage so please join with me while you still can and show your musical talents to the world!

And this, shall be our opening number of the party night!

I look forward to seeing you all there! Even though I don't have any eyes for seeing. Yohohoho!
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Starting on the 25th of September, I Brooke the skeleton bard shall be throwing a giant musical extravaganza party/concert on the Straw hat Pirate ship, and everybody is invited!

Sanji!  We'll be needing about 2 tons of food!  Franky!  We'll be needing a stage for all our musicians that will be joining me on stage!  Nami!  We should probably find some sort of island we can station at in case the thousand sunny get's too crowded.  I think that takes care of things I wanted from our fine crew mates.

Too all those that are musically inclined, you are welcome to join me on stage while I sing every single song I've ever written with a grand finale of Bink's Sake!

So far our musicians include:
Touya Kinomoto

This list shall grow with each person who'd like to join me so feel free to sign up!

So come to Brooke's Musical madness with music, dancing, good food, and fun for everyone! (even grumpy marines)  I'll be busily making preperations like making sure I have my music together.

(ooc: while on the main deck the songs are playing in blah, blah, order and people can dance to it and whatever if they feel like and on the main stage Brooke shall be leading the musicans on with breaks in-between.  And by leading I mean that I'll be linking the songs and he will be simply talking to them inbetween songs.  Makes sense to everybody?  Oh and I'll be putting every song I've ever written sung by me on to youtube and give links during the party so that everybody can hear them.  If you contact me, I'll also give you links to where you can download them or I can send them to you via AIM.)

Edit: As much as it may inconvenience people, the date must be moved to the 10th of October so I have the time needed to prepare!  Sorry Everyone.
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It's a wonderful thing really.  Two people of similar interests coming together to spend time with one another in the hopes that they may become closer and perhaps romantically involved.  What is your ideal date?  What kinds of things should one even do on a date?  Do you consider yourself a good date?  How do you know if you should take more initiative or if you'll scare the other person off?  All these things are things I can't really say I know for sure being a skeleton, so what do think about these things?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really enjoyed the date I was on most recently and it's been quite a long time since anyone has even liked me in that sort of way even if very remotely.  My lady Trucy Wright?  I humbly ask of you if you'd like to go on a second date with me?  I'd really love to spend more time with you and I promise to make it an even more magical evening than the last.  Yohohoho!

Now I know what you're all thinking, "Brooke you helpless romantic!  Do your job already and play us a new song!"  Well never fear my good friends!  I never forget my duty to you all as an all around entertainer!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my new song...

Candy Cigarettes!



Aug. 29th, 2009 02:53 am
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Who: Trucy, Brooke, and the stalkers Edgeworth and Phoenix.
What: Trucy and Brooke's first date
Where: The Vongola ship's Lounge
When: Sometime Friday night?
Warnings: ... Not much really.  This is most likely PG if not G

OOC note:  We were up all night doing this log, but it was a LOT of fun :D


The Date and the spies )
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Something ominous is in the air.  Something like a dark presence growing ever stronger and nearer.  And because I have no idea what it is, I thought what better time to write a scary song with wolves howling at night?  Yohohoho!

So... this is a song about a man... a song about a hairy man, and his devil fruit.... a song about a hairy man and his wolfish devil fruit... a devil fruit that made his ears better to hear with, his nose stronger to smell with, and his eyes bigger to see with...  And also he's harry.  Yohohoho!  Ladies and gentlemen, Jyabura the wolf.

For a change up, I'll put the download link first, and then they lyrics.


Jyabura the Wolf )

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The 4th wall came falling down
On the ground, all around
The 4th wall came falling down
What in the world can we do?  Yohohoho!
(to the tune of london bridge)

This is very strange.  I have a man who has decided to chain himself to me and tells me I'm not allowed to run off without him.  Also he's a talking stick who calls himself Moosey.  I'm confused but at least he enjoys a good tune.  Yohohoho!  He tells me there are some other muns I have yet to meet because the 4th wall which seperated us fell down for some reason.  Hello lovely lady muns!  May I please see your panties?  Yohohoho!

Rerborn!!  I finally finished my song for you and Tsune!  I eagerly await your reaction to it.  Yohohoho!

Lyrics )

And here is the tune just in case for those of you who can't read or are simply curious to how it sounds.  Yohohoho!


(ooc: Guys... I don't know why but this song sounds kind of druggy to CC and I >_>)

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It occurred to me that Sir Crocodile likes to make the claim that he had a relationship with Smoker.  And as I thought about it, a plausible scenario sprang to mind. So I’d like to take you back to the teenage years of Smoker and Crocodile, in the spring time of their youth with crocodile’s shichibukai buddies. So without further ado ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the crocodile rock, sung by how Sir Crocodile and Smoker would have sung it.

The NEW Crocodile Rock Lyrics )
Also I would like to have a vote please.  Whoever wants me to actually sing the song must actually vote that they do.  And unless I have 10 votes for me to sing it than I shall be my lazy self and leave it as it is.  Yohohoho!

Also to all who care... I'm no longer a unicorn and I'm back to my charming skeleton self!  Yohohoho!

(OOC: Yeah, you can have your different character acounts vote)
6/10 Votes.

If I sing it, I will be doing impersonations of Smoker and Crocodile while I sing it.  Yohohoho!  So the votes are sort of a reason for letting myself get killed in the event that the seek me out in a seething fury.
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You know the strangest thing happened to me, I was eating this yummy pie I had found lying around when all of a sudden I sort of changed.

It's a little odd I must say.  So I've decided to sing about unicorns today.

Oh look at all you unicorns so happy and gay,
How many people are unicorns today?
Some of you are pink and some of you are black
And most of you wish that you could turn back

So shiny and sparkly and pretty and stuff
Except Jyabura who just looks real gruff
So here's to you unicorns and I hope you'll agree
That from now on we should not eat every pie that we see!


(You can't see the afro because it's on a black backround >_> )

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At long last, the long anticipated song I've had squirreled away.  This one's for you Lambo you cow printed Afro kid!  Yohohoho!!

Ladies and Gentlmen,
This is Lambo Number 5

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody in the ship, so come on let's ride
to the candy-store around the corner
I said I want some candy and grapes
But the crew, they don't wanna
I'll take over the world because they're all too weak
I'm in too deep
And Talk is cheap
I like my candy, killing, Panini’s and grapes
I want to kill Reborn
But he always escapes
So can I do I really just get too bored,
To me killing it's just like sport, things just die
It's all good so let me dump
the body in the potty

A like a little action in my life
I like to have machine guns at my side
A whole ton of candy's what I need
But not enough candy's what I see
I also want some grapes while in the sun
Let's throw some grenades to have some fun
We need more cow print everywhere
And I really like Brooke cause we have the same hair

I'll take you down or chase you all around
Make it so you're not found
and shove you head to the ground
So that only candy's left
And that's alright
So don't make me hunt you till you died
Give me your candy
And you won't have to hide!

A like a little action in my life
I like to have machine guns at my side
A whole ton of candy's what I need
But not enough candy's what I see
I also want some grapes while in the sun
Let's throw some grenades to have some fun
We need more cow print everywhere
And I really like Brooke cause we have the same hair

I do what I do cause I like to
Reborn won't like what I'm gonna do
Cause he can't run, and he can't hide
So come with me, it'll be a fun ride.

((OOC: Yes, like Mambo #5))
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It's occured to me that people keep on coming to the grand line from all sorts of places and don't even know what the heck is going on!  Really this is a drastic set of affairs for the unwarry!  So I've decided to come up with a default message that I shall tell folks who are new to this place!  And what better way to do that than with... A SONG!!!

Welcome to the Grand Line )

So there you have it ladies and gentlmen, the song that I shall soon force all of you to sing with me to greet our new friends.  Yohohoho!
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So when I went to a local tavern the other day I had asked the tavern waitress if I may see her panties.  So she had spit on me full in the face.  So I said to her, "Well it's not as if I SHOUTED, MAY I SEE YOUR PANTIES PLEASE MISS!  To the whole bar!"  After many stares from the whole bar she turned redder than fire.  She then proceeded to grab a wine bottle and smashed it across my face sending glass chunks flying into my eye sockets.  So I just looked at her straight in the face very calmly and said to her, "You know that still doesn't answer my question.  Yohohoho!"

So aside from amusing tales of my time ashore, I've also written a song about our crew!  I'm pretty sure I got everybody!
Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, Luffy's maniacs.

Luffy's Maniacs )

And here it is, the anticipated tune!  Yohohoho!


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