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tapdancinskelly ([personal profile] tapdancinskelly) wrote2009-10-03 11:27 pm


Everybody may I have your attention please!! This is a reminder that in but a mere week (October 10th) I Brooke the Bard shall be holding my musical extravaganza party and would like everyone to attend! A night of music, dancing, food, tea, and pleasant conversation awaits! It'll be a Straw Hat party the likes of which is rarely seen so don't miss out on this fantastic chance! So I would like a confirmation on all our lovely musicians who shall be joining us!

To my fellow Straw Hat pirates, I would like all of you to come on stage with me at the end of the show for a rousing Chorus of Bink's sake! We shall have lots of fun I assure you! By the way, what island do you think we should throw this party on anyways? It seems a little silly to just have it out at sea, less room that way.

So far our musicians who shall sing with me or play instruments on stage (willingly) include:
Touya Kinomoto
Cheshire Cat

By Midnight on Thursday I shall no longer be accepting new participants on stage so please join with me while you still can and show your musical talents to the world!

And this, shall be our opening number of the party night!

I look forward to seeing you all there! Even though I don't have any eyes for seeing. Yohohoho!

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