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OOC: [Party Log] Brook's Musical Extravaganza


Everyone is invited to come to this party and just magically show up to hear the music that will be in store.

Brook shall be busting around everywhere, as a party post anyone can show up and do just about anything.  Eat, listen to music, throw tomatoes, make out in the closet, play on the beach on the island they're docked at, pretty much anything at all.

The Lawn deck is where most of the party shall take place and there is a stage there too.  People are welcome to request the musicians to play something they request and they shall be playing a few songs of their own.  Brook shall also sing every song he's ever written (by me posting links to youtube throughout the party.  People on the lawn deck are free to dance and react to songs that people have played.

The straw hat ship is docked an island and if there are any problems or difficulties please contact me immidiately via my AIM or E-mail.  If I cannot be reached at either of those you can most likely contact CC to get a hold of me.
My AIM: MooseChangerPat
My E-mail: MooseChangerPat
CC's AIM: LittletigerCC12

Oh, and in case you haven't figured out this party is on the Straw Hat pirate ship the thousand sunny and there is an island they are docked at you can go to too.  It's an autumn island with a lovely forest with lovely foliage that is... lovely.

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