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tapdancinskelly ([personal profile] tapdancinskelly) wrote2009-09-18 12:40 pm

Attention Pirates and all other musical or party oriented people!

Starting on the 25th of September, I Brooke the skeleton bard shall be throwing a giant musical extravaganza party/concert on the Straw hat Pirate ship, and everybody is invited!

Sanji!  We'll be needing about 2 tons of food!  Franky!  We'll be needing a stage for all our musicians that will be joining me on stage!  Nami!  We should probably find some sort of island we can station at in case the thousand sunny get's too crowded.  I think that takes care of things I wanted from our fine crew mates.

Too all those that are musically inclined, you are welcome to join me on stage while I sing every single song I've ever written with a grand finale of Bink's Sake!

So far our musicians include:
Touya Kinomoto

This list shall grow with each person who'd like to join me so feel free to sign up!

So come to Brooke's Musical madness with music, dancing, good food, and fun for everyone! (even grumpy marines)  I'll be busily making preperations like making sure I have my music together.

(ooc: while on the main deck the songs are playing in blah, blah, order and people can dance to it and whatever if they feel like and on the main stage Brooke shall be leading the musicans on with breaks in-between.  And by leading I mean that I'll be linking the songs and he will be simply talking to them inbetween songs.  Makes sense to everybody?  Oh and I'll be putting every song I've ever written sung by me on to youtube and give links during the party so that everybody can hear them.  If you contact me, I'll also give you links to where you can download them or I can send them to you via AIM.)

Edit: As much as it may inconvenience people, the date must be moved to the 10th of October so I have the time needed to prepare!  Sorry Everyone.

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