tapdancinskelly: (Violin)
tapdancinskelly ([personal profile] tapdancinskelly) wrote2009-07-06 09:21 am

Unicorn Song.

You know the strangest thing happened to me, I was eating this yummy pie I had found lying around when all of a sudden I sort of changed.

It's a little odd I must say.  So I've decided to sing about unicorns today.

Oh look at all you unicorns so happy and gay,
How many people are unicorns today?
Some of you are pink and some of you are black
And most of you wish that you could turn back

So shiny and sparkly and pretty and stuff
Except Jyabura who just looks real gruff
So here's to you unicorns and I hope you'll agree
That from now on we should not eat every pie that we see!


(You can't see the afro because it's on a black backround >_> )

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