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Something ominous is in the air.  Something like a dark presence growing ever stronger and nearer.  And because I have no idea what it is, I thought what better time to write a scary song with wolves howling at night?  Yohohoho!

So... this is a song about a man... a song about a hairy man, and his devil fruit.... a song about a hairy man and his wolfish devil fruit... a devil fruit that made his ears better to hear with, his nose stronger to smell with, and his eyes bigger to see with...  And also he's harry.  Yohohoho!  Ladies and gentlemen, Jyabura the wolf.

For a change up, I'll put the download link first, and then they lyrics.


Jyabura the Wolf )

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The 4th wall came falling down
On the ground, all around
The 4th wall came falling down
What in the world can we do?  Yohohoho!
(to the tune of london bridge)

This is very strange.  I have a man who has decided to chain himself to me and tells me I'm not allowed to run off without him.  Also he's a talking stick who calls himself Moosey.  I'm confused but at least he enjoys a good tune.  Yohohoho!  He tells me there are some other muns I have yet to meet because the 4th wall which seperated us fell down for some reason.  Hello lovely lady muns!  May I please see your panties?  Yohohoho!

Rerborn!!  I finally finished my song for you and Tsune!  I eagerly await your reaction to it.  Yohohoho!

Lyrics )

And here is the tune just in case for those of you who can't read or are simply curious to how it sounds.  Yohohoho!


(ooc: Guys... I don't know why but this song sounds kind of druggy to CC and I >_>)

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It occurred to me that Sir Crocodile likes to make the claim that he had a relationship with Smoker.  And as I thought about it, a plausible scenario sprang to mind. So I’d like to take you back to the teenage years of Smoker and Crocodile, in the spring time of their youth with crocodile’s shichibukai buddies. So without further ado ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the crocodile rock, sung by how Sir Crocodile and Smoker would have sung it.

The NEW Crocodile Rock Lyrics )
Also I would like to have a vote please.  Whoever wants me to actually sing the song must actually vote that they do.  And unless I have 10 votes for me to sing it than I shall be my lazy self and leave it as it is.  Yohohoho!

Also to all who care... I'm no longer a unicorn and I'm back to my charming skeleton self!  Yohohoho!

(OOC: Yeah, you can have your different character acounts vote)
6/10 Votes.

If I sing it, I will be doing impersonations of Smoker and Crocodile while I sing it.  Yohohoho!  So the votes are sort of a reason for letting myself get killed in the event that the seek me out in a seething fury.
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You know the strangest thing happened to me, I was eating this yummy pie I had found lying around when all of a sudden I sort of changed.

It's a little odd I must say.  So I've decided to sing about unicorns today.

Oh look at all you unicorns so happy and gay,
How many people are unicorns today?
Some of you are pink and some of you are black
And most of you wish that you could turn back

So shiny and sparkly and pretty and stuff
Except Jyabura who just looks real gruff
So here's to you unicorns and I hope you'll agree
That from now on we should not eat every pie that we see!


(You can't see the afro because it's on a black backround >_> )

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At long last, the long anticipated song I've had squirreled away.  This one's for you Lambo you cow printed Afro kid!  Yohohoho!!

Ladies and Gentlmen,
This is Lambo Number 5

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody in the ship, so come on let's ride
to the candy-store around the corner
I said I want some candy and grapes
But the crew, they don't wanna
I'll take over the world because they're all too weak
I'm in too deep
And Talk is cheap
I like my candy, killing, Panini’s and grapes
I want to kill Reborn
But he always escapes
So can I do I really just get too bored,
To me killing it's just like sport, things just die
It's all good so let me dump
the body in the potty

A like a little action in my life
I like to have machine guns at my side
A whole ton of candy's what I need
But not enough candy's what I see
I also want some grapes while in the sun
Let's throw some grenades to have some fun
We need more cow print everywhere
And I really like Brooke cause we have the same hair

I'll take you down or chase you all around
Make it so you're not found
and shove you head to the ground
So that only candy's left
And that's alright
So don't make me hunt you till you died
Give me your candy
And you won't have to hide!

A like a little action in my life
I like to have machine guns at my side
A whole ton of candy's what I need
But not enough candy's what I see
I also want some grapes while in the sun
Let's throw some grenades to have some fun
We need more cow print everywhere
And I really like Brooke cause we have the same hair

I do what I do cause I like to
Reborn won't like what I'm gonna do
Cause he can't run, and he can't hide
So come with me, it'll be a fun ride.

((OOC: Yes, like Mambo #5))
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Well good people who read and listen to my songs, I was working on my song for Robin-chan when my muse started kicking the hell out of me until I wrote this song for Ace.  It was just too good not to sing and write so I felt it had to be done.  Ladies and gentlmen, boys and girls, I present to you possibly the best song I've ever written!  Yohohoho!

Ace is on Fire )

And this time I did in fact record the song for all to hear.  Ace, let's go set some ladies hearts afire.  Yohohoho!
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My violin!  My precious, two centuries old, spare violin!  WHY?!!?!  I was merely playing it for my song I was composing for Lady Rosette when all of a sudden it shattered in my hands!  I was so frustrated I was bashing my skull against the wall!  Only to find my head on the other side of the wall where I got several kicks in the head for busting up the ship.

On a different note, Miss navigator I'd like to know are location since I'm inviting a friend over for Sea King charming lessons.  I also would like the permission of the host club to borrow their ship for a helicopter pad.

And Lastly, I've finished my song for Lady Rosette and I call it Road to Salvation.

(OOC: I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, Sorry.  I had to repost this.  Mags wanted me to post this after she had made the post about the power swap, and it screwed up so it's here instead.  Again I'd like to sincerely apologize for the inconvinence and lost tags.)

Lyrics to Road to Salvation )
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My dear lady Nami. It has come to my attention that my behavior towards you has been rather impolite of me (even though I swear I can recall asking you each time) Regardless I thought it would be best of me to do something to receive your forgiveness. If I've done anything to upset you to the point where you would wish me harm I'm terribly sorry. I'm quite fond of you and hope you feel the same way. But since there isn't quite the right word to express what I feel for you, I wrote you this song that comes close. So without further ado, this one's for you Nami.

Like a beginning, not an end,
Like a never ending friend,
Like a heart full of love,
Like a flying turtle dove,
Like the dream you've never had,
Like the people good and bad,
Like a sapphire's brilliant light,
Like the stars that gleam at night,
Like a day that can't go wrong,
Like tune of a wonderful song,
Like a love letter, you'll never send,
Like a beginning, not an end.


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