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I feel a bit... strange.  Somehow more alive, and yet somehow more dead...

I thirst...

And not for water, fine wine, or any liquid I know... but for life force... and sentience itself...

... and I am being followed.  Not just by the vile evil that stirs in my heart, but by creatures of the darkness that are akin to me.  They appear to even have... afros.

So be it.  If I am to be chosen to be an agent of darkness then let all creatures of the light know my name and fear it.

I am Brooke the skeletal vampire!  Now, fly my bushy minions!  Fly and seek out panties!!  YOHOHOHOHO!!!!

[ooc: Brooke has become the skeletal vampire from magic cards.  He now possesses the abilities of flight and controlling a horde of evil afro bat minions.  He also has become much, much more evil.  If one bat is killed two shall take it's place, and should any harm befall Brooke it shall instead hurt one of his bats.  (although if they died in that manner they don't double)  I think that covers just about everything.]
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Something ominous is in the air.  Something like a dark presence growing ever stronger and nearer.  And because I have no idea what it is, I thought what better time to write a scary song with wolves howling at night?  Yohohoho!

So... this is a song about a man... a song about a hairy man, and his devil fruit.... a song about a hairy man and his wolfish devil fruit... a devil fruit that made his ears better to hear with, his nose stronger to smell with, and his eyes bigger to see with...  And also he's harry.  Yohohoho!  Ladies and gentlemen, Jyabura the wolf.

For a change up, I'll put the download link first, and then they lyrics.


Jyabura the Wolf )


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