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It's time for another song! Yohohoho! Miranda, this one is for you.

Lyrics )

Also one final announcement everyone. I, Brooke the bard, shall no longer be taking requests. This may change in days to come, but I find that after working on this song I find I can no longer work this way, and must let my inspiration come to me naturally. You may still ask, but do not expect miracles my friends. That is all. Yohohoho!


Oct. 24th, 2009 06:03 am
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The concert was a fantastic success everyone, and I have great news!  I have been quite low on funds lately with buying a gold hook, some of it getting stolen, some of it getting taken for crew funds sooo... I am now releasing CDs worldwide!  Our fine musicians of course will receive a free copy by seagull mail delivery of course.  And here are the song listings for our fantastic CD!

For starters we have our ever popular song,
Welcome to the Grand Line!

Followed down the list by the following songs.

Kaku the Chibi Giraffe

Bullets made of Air



Sanji's Chicken

Road to Salvation

Like a Beginning Not an End

Princess Renge

Fire fist Ace

Luffy's Maniacs

Crocodile X Smoker: Crocodile Rock


Unicorns on Parade

Jyabura the Wolf

One Minute warm up

Candy Cigarettes

He's a Hitman

Goodbye for Now

And Last but not Least the ever popular and sung by all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates,


I would of course love to add any songs my fellow musicians had also played at the party, but I of course needed your permission before I released CDs with your songs on them.  I promise to share your share of the profits with you if you do in fact allow me to have your songs on there.  Yohohoho!  It was a blast everybody!  Thank you so much for attending!  So if you'd like to buy a CD at the low, low price of 1400 Beri contact me here and I'll send you a copy as soon as it's published!


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