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And that's why I'm still picking glass out of my skull

So when I went to a local tavern the other day I had asked the tavern waitress if I may see her panties.  So she had spit on me full in the face.  So I said to her, "Well it's not as if I SHOUTED, MAY I SEE YOUR PANTIES PLEASE MISS!  To the whole bar!"  After many stares from the whole bar she turned redder than fire.  She then proceeded to grab a wine bottle and smashed it across my face sending glass chunks flying into my eye sockets.  So I just looked at her straight in the face very calmly and said to her, "You know that still doesn't answer my question.  Yohohoho!"

So aside from amusing tales of my time ashore, I've also written a song about our crew!  I'm pretty sure I got everybody!
Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, Luffy's maniacs.

It's time for Luffy's maniacs,
We are Luffy's to the max!
We eat a lot of snacks,
And run around in packs,
We're Luffy's maniacs!!

We're lead by captain Luffy,
But by Ussop we are not,
Just for fun we steal, any treasure that we spot!
They lock us in a marine base whenever we  get caught,
But we break loose, and steal a goose
And now you know the plot!

We're Luffy's maniacs!
Nami's cute and Franky's cracked,
While I plays the Sax,
We say wisecracks by the stacks
We're Luffy's Maniacs!

Meet Zoro and Sanji who got married for the worse,
Robin likes to read, and Chopper doctors with no nurse,
Lucci likes to kill things, And Gintoki is perverse,
Kaku's Nose is big,
George does a jig,
Calgara dislikes to converse!

We're Luffy's Maniacs!!!
We are Luffy's to the Max,
It's too late too look back,
Now it's time for our attack!

We're Luffy Manie
Totally insaney
Luffy's Maniacs!
Those are the facts!  YOHOHOHO!!!

And here it is, the anticipated tune!  Yohohoho!

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