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Who: Trucy, Brooke, and the stalkers Edgeworth and Phoenix.
What: Trucy and Brooke's first date
Where: The Vongola ship's Lounge
When: Sometime Friday night?
Warnings: ... Not much really.  This is most likely PG if not G

OOC note:  We were up all night doing this log, but it was a LOT of fun :D


A young brown-haired girl tapped her foot as she waited for her friend to arrive. She stopped and looked back at the clock hanging on the wall, and realized it was already ten minutes passed the scheduled time of their date. She down at herself. She really hadn't worn anything fancy for the date at all. Her normal black dress was all she needed. Though she did lose the hat and cape. Trucy Wright decided to sit as she waited, but she just hoped he wouldn't be too much longer.

Brooke sped down the hallway at a million miles an hour.  Or at least that's the way it felt with the way he was moving his legs.  He had made it to the ship at exactly the appointed time for the date only to find out he couldn't find the lounge!  I can't keep her waiting much longer!  The bard thought to himself as his legs were a blur of activity.  He already had three people throw shoes at him for going into their room when he thought it was the lounge.  Then at long last Brooke swung open a door slightly covering his head just in case and giving out a mighty laugh, "I have arrived!  Yohohoho!"  But when he looked and didn't see Trucy's usual hat and cape he said, "Oh... I'm terribly sorry my lady, I fear I must have gotten the wrong room again.  Yohohoho."

"No, no! Mr. Brooke, it's me! Trucy!" She said as she stood up. She waved a little, and then she walked over to him with an amused smile on her face and said, "What took you so long, silly?"

In the shadows, behind the corner of the hallway stood two men, peering past at the door where the skeleton was greeting the lovely young lady.  One was wearing a dark sweatshirt and a beanie over his spiky brown hair.  His navy blue eyes were fixed to the scene as if his gaze had been nailed there.

Brooke smacked his forehead at his own foolishness.  First the running around the ship, and now not recognizing her on sight?  He was making a terrible first impression.  I'll have to do something really fancy to make up for it then.  With a cheery laugh Brooke said, "Forgive me Lady Trucy, I ended up getting lost on the way and having lots of shoes thrown at my head." As if to accentuate his point he tapped his skull.  Then he held out his hand in a sort of stop and wait a moment gesture and pulled his head off of his shoulders.  Then with his other hand he reached into his vest and pulled out some rather small but lovely looking apples and began to toss them into the air and catch them.  Before long the bard was juggling the apples with his head along with them and they were spinning faster and faster.  Then at long last he held onto his skull and let each apple plop into his mouth and down his invisible throat.  "Ta dah!  Yohohoho!"  And with that he took a bow and stuck his head back on his shoulders.  Unfortunately he was so dizzy from spinning his head so much he stuck it on backwards.

Miles stood directly behind Phoenix, his hand resting against the man's shoulder. "I'm starting to have second thoughts," he whispered. This was more like one of Trucy's magic shows except with a skeleton that did tricks. He seemed harmless enough.

Trucy clapped her hands and laughed, "Wow! That was amazing, Mr. Brooke! I didn't know you could do that! ..Uh.. let me help you there.." She reached up to turn Brooke's head back around and sighed, "There you go!" The young magician took a seat at the table she was previously sitting in.

“No,” Phoenix whispered back firmly.  “We’re just making sure she’s safe... once I’m convinced there’s no danger whatsoever, we can go... but until then, I’m continuing this stakeout.”

Brooke laughed a little when she turned his head around still seeing quintuple.  "Well to be honest Lady Trucy, I wasn't sure if I could pull that one off either, because I didn't know if I could pull off my head.  Yohohoho!"  With that the Brooke wobbly made his way to the table using his cane to make sure he didn't fall over and took a seat next to her at the table.

A sigh escaped from Miles' lips. Wright was stubborn so it didn't seem like they would be turning back anytime soon. "Fine. Just remember the consequences if we get caught."

Phoenix paused at this ominous statement. “Do you think we’ll get caught?”

"Ahaha! You're really funny, Mr. Brooke. Maybe you can be a performing comedian! It'd be great for the Agency!" She giggled as she watched the skeleton regain his composure. Then she cocked her head to one side, "..Did you hear something, Mr. Brooke?"

Brooke paused and tilted his head slightly in the direction she had to see if he could hear anything.  There did almost sound like a faint mumble but that wasn't really enough to bother the skeleton bard who lived with a rather noisy crew for the majority of his life.  "Hmm... I can't say I do hear much of anything... You know, I didn't know that the Wright agency had many performers.  Unfortunately my lady, my talents are already promised to my captain so I fear I can't join your agency.  Yohohoho!”

"..." Phoenix glanced back at Edgeworth.  The prosecutor was probably right, but all the same... it was a risk that had to be taken.

"Oh.. Well, anyway… Uh, this is my first date.. I'm not really sure what we should do or talk about." Trucy glanced around the Lounge. It looked a lot bigger when there was no one there. The lights were kind of dim, but the moonlight was very strong. Their table was right in front of a window looking out at sea and the moon sparkled in the waves.

Brooke was rather taken aback by that.  Of course it only made sense but Brooke had been rather hoping that she did know what she was meant to talk about on their first date.  "Well to be honest my lady, this is the first date I have been on in almost half a century.  I'm afraid that dating may have even changed since my time.  I know!  Perhaps I can see about what there is for food for us to eat together on this ship?"  Brooke sighed sheepishly.  "Perhaps you would like me to play my violin?"

"Juggler, singer, violinist," Miles mumbled lowly. Now this was becoming a circus of some sort. He shifted away so he was no longer looking at the two, attempting to leave them a little bit of privacy.  All his worries were officially gone.

Trucy looked back to Brooke and smiled widely, "You can play the violin? What kind of songs can you play?" She leaned towards him and clapped, "Any songs I know?"

Phoenix leaned back, out of sight with Edgeworth. He sighed, "Maybe you're right... this doesn't seem weird at all. I guess he really only did want to see her panties for the magic..."

As soon as Wright spoke, Miles felt his heart skip a beat. Wait a second…he really did have perverted intentions when he asked to see her panties. "We should stay a bit longer though…"

"Well let me think... it's our first date so I should use a more romantic song.  Yohohoho!"  Brooke said as he pulled out his violin case.  "Although…  I'm not sure if you'd recognize any of them.  Most of my works are original."

Trucy put her hands in her lap and waited for Brooke to take out his instrument. For a friend-only date, this was really romantic. Trucy just thought it was cute, though. She actually wondered if there was anything they could get to eat, though. They could sneak into the kitch-- Wait. That's trashed. Huh.

Phoenix frowned, "but Trucy's my daughter. I should've trusted her more... This isn't like a case I'm investigating.  She can take care of herself."

"Don't beat yourself up Wright. I was quick to jump into this plan as well." Miles placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled wearily.

Brooke took out his violin and started to tune it with careful effort.  He couldn't help but smile when he thought of a joke to tell.  "So lady Trucy?  Do you ever use the panties you wear in your magic tricks as well?  For instance like making them disappear?  Yohohoho!  Ah, just jesting of course.  What kind of tune would you like?"

Trucy giggled at Brooke's comment and said, "I don't use the panties I'm wearing! I use blue and pink panties to pull things out of in my shows!" She laughed again and looked at Brooke's violin, "Oh! Can you play.. uh.. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?"

Brooke let a high pitch screech on his violin escape and almost fell over before he heard the don't part correctly.  "Oh I'm sorry Lady Trucy, I'm afraid I don't actually know that tune.  It's possible it doesn't actually exist in this world.  Hmm...  Although it does sound quite a bit like my song Marinated Tofu if I remember another musician from a similar world to yours playing it correctly."

"Oh, I see! You can play whatever you think will sound nice, Mr. Brooke!" Trucy settled into her small seat more and looked out the window at the beautiful night sky and the second sky reflected in the water.

At the joke about the panties, Phoenix's expression changed, "Nevermind we were completely right."

Miles facepalmed and sighed heavily. "We were."

Brooke smiled seeing Trucy enjoying the scenery outside.  He had lived much of his life on the sea and felt like it was his more his home more than anywhere else in the world could possibly be.  Despite even the fact that given the chance it would drag him into its icy depths Brooke still loved it and so he played the only song that seemed to fit.  He began the first somber notes of his old captain's favorite song, Binks Sake.


 (OOC NOTE: I thought it was appropriate to link you to him playing it on the violin)

"... what a beautiful song," Phoenix said softly as he gazed around the corner at the skeleton.

"Agreed." Miles nodded. His opinion of the skeleton was certainly changing a lot.

Trucy, still facing the window, closed her eyes and listened to the beautiful music floating through the air from Brooke's violin. It was sad and happy at the same time. The kind of happy that made you want to cry, at least. She smiled to herself and swayed her head to the notes as the wafted by.

As he scooted forward, trying to hear the lovely melody more clearly, he placed his hand on the prosecutor's.  Too engrossed in listening, he did not notice the contact.

"Hm?" He blinked a few times, his cheeks slightly tinting pink. "It's a nice song," he finally said.

As Brooke finished the tune he gave a slight bow as if the ocean itself had a person for each wave that was a thunderous applause.  "I'm afraid I got a little carried away in the moment.  Lady Trucy.  It just so happens that, that is my favorite song.  I hope you liked it because I played it specially for you.  Yohohoho!"

"That was so sweet..." he said, hiding himself from view again.  Phoenix suddenly realized where his fingers were and lifted his hand. "Oh! I'm sorry...!"

"I-It's quite alright," he said, maybe a bit too loudly.

The young girl's head turned back towards the skeleton. She opened her eyes just as the song ended, and then she stood up to clap. "Mr. Brooke! That was.. amazing! You're so good at playing the violin! It was beautiful!!" Trucy really appreciated that he played his favorite song for her. It was a lovely piece, and it fit the scenery perfectly. Just as she stopped clapping, she noticed something out of place. She looked around and finally saw it. A piece of cloth poked out from behind the corner and then hid behind it. A shoulder! And a voice! "Hey! W-Who's there?"

Brooke was glad that she had enjoyed the song so much and was about to say something when she suddenly asked that question.  "Perhaps it was some people drawn by the sound of my beautiful violin?  But it's rather impolite of them to interrupt our first date.  Yohohoho!"

"Oh no!" A thousand excuses ran through Phoenix's mind. 'We were just going to the bathroom.' Together? No! That wouldn't work. 'We were on our way to see Captain Tsuna and got side tracked.' For what? That wouldn't work at all! 'We were looking for my Steel Samurai DVDs.' In the hallway?

"Yeah, but I know that voice!" she replied. Trucy started walking towards the hallway, but she stopped halfway there. Wait. What if she was wrong? What if it was someone bad? She hesistated but asked in a small voice, "W-Who's there?"

'There was a serial panty thief on the loose and he ran this way...' Stop it, Phoenix, now that's just ridiculous!

Miles was a great liar, but it would be hard to think of something in this siduation. Quickly, he stood, latching onto to Phoenix so he'd stand as well. Lie or run?

"Run!" Phoenix hissed, grabbing Edgeworth's hand and sprinting down the hallway away from his daughter and her skeletal date.

Brooke saw Trucy hesitating and then sounding slightly fearful Brooke did not want her to be scared and so he did the gentlemanly thing to do.  He pulled the sheathe off of his cane sword and said to the doorway, "Now see here strangers.  It is one thing to enjoy my music but it is quite another that you would do so in the middle of my date with the fair Lady Trucy.  I would ask that you present yourself and leave so that we know who you are and that you do not bother us again this evening."  Brooke had no intention of doing any harm to members of the Vongola ship but just in case... however before he could finish he heard scampering down the hall.  "Well that was rather rude... they wouldn't even Identify themselves."  And with that he sheathed his cane sword once more.

Trucy looked back at Brooke and said, "..Are they gone? Should we go after them?" with a calmer voice. She looked at his cane and her eyes widened. "Whoa! Y-Your cane is a sword?"

Brooke paused listening intently to the scampering down the hall but stopped at her exclamation.  "Hmm?  Oh my sword?  Well yes actually it is... see as a Pirate bard it's rather a need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and if a performance turns sour when you're dealing with pirates... a cane is one of the few things acceptable on a stage floor unless you use a instrument weapon.  Rather ugly business though I must admit I don't like to use it if I don't have to."

"Oh, that makes a lot of sense. It's really cool. I wish we could find someone like you for the Agency!!" Trucy bounced a little at the thought, completely forgetting the trespassers, or whoever they were. Then she yawned. It was getting really late.

Phoenix rounded a corner and tugged Edgeworth into a dark room to hide, just in case they had been followed, though he hadn't heard the sound of footsteps behind them.

For some odd reason, Miles feared that they had just been locked in the storage room. Yes, he didn't like this feeling. "Let's just stay here until their date is over…"

Phoenix nodded, but then realized it might be too dark to see, so he added, "Yeah, okay."  ((by the way he's still holding Edgeworth's hand.))

Brooke heard a soft yawn come from his young companion and looked down to see she was looking rather sleepy.  "Lady Trucy?  Are you alright?  I must have gotten carried away playing Bink's Sake for you so long I forgot how late it was getting..."

Trucy blinked and looked up the skeleton. She said sleepily, "I-I think I'm starting to get tired. Thank you for my wonderful… first date..!" she yawned again as she finished her sentence.

Brooke bowed low and kissed her hand.  "Thank you for having me over Lady Trucy.  Perhaps we can do it again some time, I think you're a very sweet person.  Maybe next time we'll even have some privacy.  Yohohoho!  So until then my lady, I must bid you a goodnight."

Miles and Phoenix probably fell alseep in the room they were hiding in due to thinking the date would be longer.  Serves them right.

"Thank you, Mr. Brooke! I had a great time!" Trucy did a little bow to mimick the skeleton's and then headed off to her room. "Good night!"

They woke up to a giggling Trucy, asking what they'd been doing in an empty room all night.


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