Apr. 13th, 2010

tapdancinskelly: (Vital organs?)
Hello everyone!  I am Brooke to those of you who don't know me, or that freak of nature by certain enraged people who do.  Yohohoho!  I'm sorry if I scared anyone before seeing as how my complexion is so horribly pale and  I seem to have misplaced one or two vital organs, but it's alright, I'm okay.  Yohohoho!

So is it true that there are some sort of undead Akuma demon things that are trying to kill us all!?  It sounds positively horrifying!  And I would know horrifying, I've seen my reflection.  Yohohoho!  If there's any way I can help, I would be happy to do so, I am a man of many talents, although some might argue if I'm a man or not anymore.  Yohoho... ohhh.

In the meantime ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages, I Brooke the Bard shall be trying to create a new musical group!  That's right!  Feel like your musical talents are going to waste?  Play anything from xylophone to bass?  Then look no further!  I shall attempt to accommodate your sorely missing musical needs with delightful melodies to play or to sing!  I am in the works of working out with the Black Order a musical store!

Lastly if anyone sees any members of the Straw Hat pirates that have a Jolly Roger like so.

Would you kindly inform me about it?  Thank you kindly.  Yohohoho!


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