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Jun. 12th, 2009 07:25 pm
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And so I have completed yet another masterpiece for one of my fine Nakama.  And this song had been truly bothering me for some time.  Every time I tried to get it right it still did not feel quite right enough for you.  So here it is, the song we've all been waiting for, a song for Robin.

This is a song for Robin.

Hey Robin! You know you've really got me wondering
You're like the grey storm cloud without all the thundering
Hey Robin! Does your smile just hide all you pain?
If that's the case, then don't be afraid to let it rain.
Down on us, Hey Robin.

It's always sunny on the Thousand Sunny, rest assured
But sometimes there's things that shouldn't be ignored
So if you need to let it all hang out
Then don't be afraid and have no doubt
Your nakama will be there for you

Hey Robin! Don't you know the skies brighten when you laugh?
So you better belive it, we'll all take your pain on your behalf!
Hey Robin! Have a coffee and a book and keep on smiling!
And wipe away the dust on skulls that's been compiling,
-Even mine yohohoho

And before you know it, all your skies that are currently gray
I promise you Robin, your nakama will chase them away
So it can always be sunny on the Thousand Sunny, Ohh Robin.
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Well good people who read and listen to my songs, I was working on my song for Robin-chan when my muse started kicking the hell out of me until I wrote this song for Ace.  It was just too good not to sing and write so I felt it had to be done.  Ladies and gentlmen, boys and girls, I present to you possibly the best song I've ever written!  Yohohoho!

Ace is on Fire )

And this time I did in fact record the song for all to hear.  Ace, let's go set some ladies hearts afire.  Yohohoho!
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Here is a song which is a tale of a skeleton and a princess.   A skeleton who was confused by the notion of type and moe and was told by the princess how he should change his ways.

The Song )

So lady Renge, here is your song.  The likes of which I have never quite written before.  May I see your panties now?  Yohohoho!
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Good evening again ladies and gentlemen, it's that time once again for Brooke's brilliantly, bedazzling, beautifully, brimming, bouncy, bonkers, ballistic, songs!  With your host, The Brilliantly, bedazzling, beautifully, brimming, bouncy, bonkers, ballistic, Brooke!  Yohohoho!

Have you ever had a tasty meal of chicken or seaking?  Have you ever wanted to be able to show your appreciation to your cook?  Well now you can!  For I have devised the most brilliant meat song of all time for all the world to be able to sing!  Yohohoho!

Without further ado ladies and gents, I present you with...
Sanji's Chicken (A Meat song for Luffy)


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And so another year of my life has gone by.  As of today I'm 35!  I say 35 because that's the age I would have been turning when I died, so that's the age I shall consider myself to be.  Yohohoho!  So if anybody would like to throw presents at my head this would be the time and place to do it.  So I'd like to take a minute for a song made of perfect harmony with myself.  There's all sorts of wonderful party activities we could do!

Read more... )
So strike up the band and have some birthday cheer!
For my crazy, happy birthday happens only once a year!


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