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The Wake Application (Editing Phase)

Personal Information
Name: Moosey
Age: 23
Personal Journal: [personal profile] moosechangerpat
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: MooseChangerPat@gmail.com
Current Character(s): N/A

Character Information
Character Name: Brook
Fandom: One Piece

Character History: Brook was first introduced as a mysterious, gentleman, musican, skeleton, swordsman lost out at sea in an equivalent to the burmuda triangle. He helped the Straw Hat pirates against the Shichibukai Geko Moria, and eventually came to join the Straw Hat pirates as a full time crew member. It was revealed that Brook was a member of the Rumbar pirates, a pirate crew of musicians that had befriended a whale by the name of Laboon that Luffy and many of the others had met when they first came to the Grand Line. It's Brook's goal to one day be reunited with Laboon and fulfill the promise of his crew to return and sing and dance for Laboon once more.

Character Personality: Please be as detailed as possible. Minimum three paragraphs.

Powers and Abilities:
Devil Fruit: With his devil fruit powers, Brooke is able to actually be alive despite the fact that he is a skeleton. He's also learned to use these powers for more than simply keeping himself alive. He can use the essence of the underworld to enhance his sword fighting with an icy aura. He learned that it wasn't his body that was keeping him alive anymore, but his soul, and as such he can lose his head, and simply put it back on. (Same goes for other extremities) Lastly, he also learned how to use his devil fruit to exit his body, and wonder around as just a soul.

Being a Skeleton: These particular abilities are more innate in nature as they do not necessarily require the use of his devil fruit. Being extremely lightweight, and highly energetic, Brook knows how to run on water, jump much higher than the average superhuman, and can move at amazing speeds, without all that weight weighing him down. He can also restore his wounds and energy with milk, because being just bones, calcium does wonders for him. Being just bones, also makes him highly resistant to damage. Despite not having any muscle tissue he is also capable of growing stronger through exercise and training.

Music: Brook knows how to play any instrument, but specializes in the violin, piano, and his own voice. His music has the power to strengthen allies, and hinder foes, like many mythological bards. Examples of these, are when he combines his violin and sword together to put his foes to sleep, or when he plays music to hypnotize his foes in the fishman island arc.

Sword Fighting: Brook is a capable sword fighter, specializing in fencing, and speedy surprise attacks. His level of sword fighting is not quite on par with his crew member Zoro, as music is his first and foremost specialty, but that does not mean he can't hold his own against capable sword fighters. Clear examples of this are his sword fighting capabilities against the zombies of thriller bark, and when he fights the new fishman pirates.


Network: Your network sample entry should be made as if your character were posting to a public network, such as Dreamwidth. It does not have to be their first post (ie, "OMG WHERE AM I?!"), but it does have to show that the character is perfectly aware of the fact that this is something that other people are likely to see. Please avoid excessive description in [action tags] here, as one would get in video posts - we're looking for your character's voice, the one they use for talking to others. Save the internal monologues for the third person sample.

Third Person: 300 word minimum. This is the place to show your character's inner thoughts within the setting. Give us a nice third person narrative of your character doing something, plus how they feel about it. This doesn't have to be blatant "this is what my character is thinking, designated by italics!" but should rather show your character's self via their actions and interactions with their environment.

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