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tapdancinskelly ([personal profile] tapdancinskelly) wrote2012-09-22 12:23 pm

1st Song [video]

[Brook has found himself stuck on a flimsy raft out at sea. He can be seen drinking a cup of tea while seemingly having a tea party for himself.]

Well... the accommodations aren't exactly five star, and it's a little leaky, but at least it seems steerable. Not quite as bad as the last vessel I found myself alone on in the middle of nowhere. Yohohoho!

[Brook keeps fiddling with the journal, not really sure how it works.]

I wonder if anyone shall find me? ... Well! No point in sulking about it, when you're feeling down and alone, you should sing!

When you are refined,
And would like to dine,
There's only one beverage that you need,
When you need a drink,
To bring you back from the brink,
It's the greatest thing indeeeeeed!

This is an ode to tea,
The greatest drink in the land!
Tea is great for snack times,
It is so very grand!
Without tea I'd be lost,
Although I think already am!
So here's an ode to tea,
To help me give a damn!


[He seems to be taking notes in his journal on the lyrics... that make no sense]

Hmm... I think that last verse still needs a little work.

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