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[Threadhopping] Go right ahead, unless the thread is private.
[Hugging this Character] Brook will pretty much always be okay with being hugged, unless you're a zombie.  In that case he might scream a little, but you can still go for it!
[Kissing this Character] Brook is all for that.  Well... if it's a female character anyways, if it's a male he might kiss you back thinking it was some grand joke, or tell you that he doesn't bend that way.
[Inappropriate touching] Go ahead.  If you're a male character, Brooke will most likely glare at you with his eye sockets and kindly ask you not to do that again.  If you're a female character, he might nosebleed, blush, laugh, grope you right back, or ask to see your panties.
 But who could ever learn to love... a beast skeleton?
[Punching this Character] Depends on the person who punches him.  If it's a friend he might ask what he did wrong and apologize (very pacifistic sometimes), and if it's an enemy he might draw his sword and start trying to slice you up.  Sometimes, he'll just take the punch like a man.
[Easiest Way to get on his good side] Laugh at one of his many attempts to make you laugh.
[Easiest way to get on his bad side] Hurt those he cares for, insult the rumbar pirates, bad talk his music, waste your life, or try to damage his hair.
[Hacking his journal] You can most likely just go right ahead.  You might need to ask if there's another person involved though.
[Can he hack Mine?] Nope.
[Fourth Wall Breakage] That is totally okay!
[Shapeshift/Bodyswap/etc.] Ask me first.
[Maim/Murder/Death] Hurting him is okay to a certain degree, but please contact me before killing him off or anything like that.  Keep in mind it's rather hard to kill, or hurt, a skeleton who ate the resurrection devil fruit.
[Blood] It makes him queasy if he looks at it for too long.  Otherwise, he only has blood from nosebleeds.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!:  Never, ever, ever, harm his hair.

Final Note:
 If you don't want Brook to ask to see your character's panties, feel free to comment here!  I don't want to accidentally step on anybody's toes.